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Brianna believes strongly in her sponsored products and services! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Brianna for more information about how she can help promote your business.  


Custom Saddlery

Custom Saddlery offers so many different models it’s easy to find the best fit for both you and your horse. This supportive saddle allows me to have the best position possible in order to then give clear and precise signals to my horse.

The Rock House Couture

These beautiful custom stock ties are always very attention grabbing! Each unique stock tie is absolutely stunning and washes up great!


Dressage Sport Boots

These are fantastic boots that I use to protect my horse’s legs while in training and in turnout. They are light weight, easy to wash and come in beautiful colors!

Foot Huggies

These incredibly comfortable and supportive socks are made just for equestrians! The socks help keep my legs feeling strong throughout my busy riding days.


Equine Elegance

Kingsley boots not only look fantastic but they also help me be clear in my leg aids to the horse. Kingsley offers a custom fit with many beautiful options.



My horses have increased balance, focus and better energy after receiving Acupuncture care. Each horse is on an individualized program to help them preform at their very best!

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